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I Am Back !!

I have been out of town for some time now and I have missed my practice and my clients.  My mom turned 94 and it was time to bring her to Oregon.  She had been living happily in Florida, enjoying her friends and her Early Bird Dinners at local restaurants for the last 30 years.  In the last few years many of her friends passed, and a few moved into retirement communities with daily help.  My mom is spry and independent.  She was still driving when I showed up to pack up her house and figure out what to do with her car.  Long story short she is here in Portland and loving it.  She has a new community of friends and is busy taking all their money at Bridge and Bingo games!!

I am now open for business full time.  I have been studying about fertility and went to school to learn more.  My practice now includes Hypnosis for Fertility.

I went to Colorado to learn, one to one, from the world renown Lynsi Eastburn, the “Spirit Baby Whisperer”.  I had the most amazing experience with this very talented and intuitive woman.  I actually felt and saw the spirit babies and still to this day see them and feel them.  It has been a most amazing connection.  I felt an instant connection to her and feel very honored to have met her and learned from her.

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