About Me

In 2013 I retired from Education as a Special Education Administer. I was a teacher, principal and a Director of Behavioral Services in my 30-year educational career. I was also a co-facilitator teaching parents how to parent difficult children and a co-facilitator for Alternatives to Violence groups in the community and in prisons, teaching effective communication skills. I have a background as a neighborhood mediator and now I have turned my sights to working with individuals and small groups as a Hypnotist. I began my hypnosis practice in 2005.

I have always enjoyed, and have had and still do, a passion for working with people, to help move them from where they are to a healthier, happier place. Not only do I feel great compassion and empathy I also believe in teaching from my heart to yours. I have named my practice Loving Kindness Hypnosis because I want all my clients to learn to be gentle and loving and kind toward them-selves and others.

I believe in all my clients. I know they are loveable, forgivable, and good enough, people who just need a little help removing the block that is keeping them from being successful. Also, I believe in laughter so everyday I laugh with my clients. Humor is healing. I love what I do and I look forward to guiding you to success.
Your Success is my success!

Laney Coulter, Master Hypnostist

My Credentials

  • B.S. in Education/Psychology
  • M.Ed. in Special Education
  • Consulting Hypnotist 2005
  • Master Hypnotist 2010
  • Board Certified Hypnotist 2013
  • Certified Professional Hypnotist Instructor 2013
  • Certified Hypno-Fertility Hypnotist
  • Certified Hypno-Band Hypnotist
  • Co-author of Real Hypnosis Business
  • Recipient of Hypnotists’ Professional Leadership Award Speaker
  • BWRT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner