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Why Choose Loving Kindness Hypnosis?

Give Yourself the Gentle Gift of Hypnosis

Loving Kindness Hypnosis is conveniently located in Northwest Portland and serves the Portland Metro area, including Clark County.

If you are struggling to make lasting changes in your life and faced with repeated patterns and blocks that you just can't break through, hypnosis could be the answer you are looking for. Maybe you have an unwanted habit, or you struggle with losing weight. Perhaps you've tried to quit smoking, but haven't been able to.  Is anxiety/stress a common event in your life?  

Hypnosis is proven to help.  Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.  Loving Kindness Hypnosis offers you effective, compassionate hypnosis that will help you to overcome obstacles to success.

Hypnosis is a safe, effective therapeutic tool for many conditions, addictions and limiting beliefs.  

Hypnosis works well with children, adolescents and adults.

Intuitive Master Hypnotist 

Laney Coulter is a Master Hypnotist, with multiple certifications including  as a BWRT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner.  Her  background as a special education administrator, teacher and principal, combined with her passion for helping people, give her a unique perspective as a hypnotherapist. She combines her experience and intuitive knowledge of human nature to help her clients achieve success through hypnosis.  She creates a comfortable and safe place, where she works with her clients to come up with the best solutions for their life. 

Hypnosis Services

Hypnotherapy sessions

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, relaxing, and powerful way to address the challenges you face in life. Schedule a session in my office and get started today!

Zoom Sessions

For those outside the Portland area I offer hypnosis sessions online or via telephone.  Hypnosis is very effective online and may be a good option for you!

Group Hypnosis Classes

Group Hypnosis is an affordable and fun way to benefit from hypnosis. Our popular programs include classes for weight loss, stress busters and self hypnosis.

hypnosis mentorship

Are you just starting out in your hypnosis practice and need help & support for your practice?   My mentoring program can help. Get the personalized help you need to get your practice started the right way.

Personalized  Hypnosis Approach

Laney's personalized approach to hypnotherapy focuses on the individual needs of each client.  At Loving Kindness Hypnosis you'll 

  • Get a personalized hypnosis program specific to you because no two people are the same.
  • Be given the tools and skills that will last you for a lifetime
  • Receive compassion, and understanding  and the assistance you need to achieve success with hypnosis.

Hypnosis Services

weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis for weight loss can be an extremely effective solution for losing weight. In fact, studies have shown that hypnosis can be nearly twice as effective at supporting weight loss than traditional weight loss diets.

anger management hypnosis

Hypnosis with Loving Kindness will teach you how to take back control.  With hypnosis you will learn how to manage this emotion to take positive action and forgive.  understand and reconcile the past which is influencing your present. 

stop smoking hypnosis

LKHypnosis offers you one of the fastest simplest processes that will result in you becoming a


 My clients stop smoking in  ONE  hypnosis session.

  You WILL stop smoking too !

hypnosis For Fertility

LKHypnosis offers a customized program to meet the individual needs of each woman; including effective elimination of any emotions or thought patterns that may be inhibiting conception.  Each session will include a hypnotic trance to encourage fertility.

“The benefits you receive from hypnosis are undeniable. Hypnosis can play a very real role in protecting and promoting health.  Hypnosis provides proven benefits for weight loss, fertility, stopping smoking, anxiety, IBS, pain, fibromyalgia, and much more. There's never been a better time to transform your life!"

Laney Coulter

Laney Coulter / Master Hypnotist

Main Benefits of Hypnosis

There's never been a better time to transform your life. 

Why hypnosis? A better question might be: why not hypnosis?   Hypnosis can play a very real role in protecting and promoting mental and physical health.  The “state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention” brought on by hypnosis may help us use our minds more powerfully, according to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). 


Immediate Results

Compared to other methods, clients often seen immediate and lasting results. Because hypnosis deals with the core issues, instead of masking them


Drug Free

Instead of drugs and chemicals, hypnosis is an  effective technique that addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of your habit. It targets the core problem and gives you the tools to manage it for the rest of your life.


Break Long Lasting Habits

Hypnosis is usually the last technique that people try after many failures with other types of therapy.  Clients will often say; "I wish I had tried hypnosis first.


Removes Blocks to Success

Hypnosis helps with weight loss, smoking, sleep disorders,  phobias, pain, symptoms from PTSD and anxiety. Clients are able to use what they learn to benefit all areas of their life including relationships and work.

Craig C.

 Portland, Oregon


Laney is an amazing person providing an invaluable service in a loving, kind, and humane way. Not only is she a master hypnotist, but equally important a remarkable listener with deep insight into the challenges and opportunities in modern day life. With her combined skills, she helped me get to the crux of matters surrounding my confidence and esteem. If you are like me and are ready to adjust your life perspective so that you can start living a more fulfilling life now rather than wallowing in past pain that is holding you back in ways you're not conscious of, Loving Kindness Hypnosis can help you.

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