This has been a wonderful experience. I find my life more peaceful. I also find it easier to eat healthy and to eat smaller portions. I know I will continue on my path to lose more weight. Thank you, thank you.

- D.K.

Not ever having been hypnotized, I was curious and a little skeptical when I went to see Laney the first time. I was immediately struck by the comfort of her inviting office. Because of her professional but approachable manner, I felt safe to explore any of the issues that came up during our initial conversation. She was warm and direct and efficiently drew from me an articulation of some deeply guarded feelings. I was able to make some shifts in my beliefs after only four sessions, which led to much less stress around long held familial relationship patterns. I highly recommend Laney to anyone who wants to make a profound and positive change in his or her life.

- J.R.

I was lucky to find you. I really appreciate all the work you and did together. Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the strengths I have always had.

- M.C.

Laney really helped me let go of my huge anxiety around tests. With her help I passed with flying colors and no longer fear exams.

- G.W.

This has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I feel I have and am still learning how the smallest of things can change the course of a thought or action or even a life. Since beginning hypnosis I have been pleasantly surprised as some things have unfolded and allowed me to see things in a more understanding way. This allows me to overcome my fears and be free to be in the now whatever it may be. Thank you!

- D.S.

I am deeply impressed with the profoundness of hypnotherapy. With hypnosis I was able to stay focused on my feelings much better than with other types of therapy. I feel validated in a whole new way about my concern about my weight. Nothing else has ever changed me so deeply and so quickly.

- T.H.

I am forever grateful for your services. Before coming to you I was in a negative cycle of beating myself up, which included believing I wasn’t good enough and a tidal wave of negative self talk. Since utilizing your services the negative talk has stopped and I believe in myself more now ever. I know hypnosis has worked as I have been in multiple situations that in the past would have generated negative self talk and the continued cycle of telling myself I wasn’t good enough. Now when presented with these challenges/situations I have only thoughts of knowing I’m exactly where I need to be. I look forward to encountering challenges and growing from them. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the profound positive changes you helped me accomplish. For this I am forever in your debt. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

- T.H.

Ever since I came to LKH so many things inside me have changed. It is the first time in my life that I truly see myself, pay attention to my feelings and trust that I can make it. I’ve started to really want to pay attention to my inner child and I realized that if I do I find my happiness. You helped me open a door and I saw my inner strength which makes me believe I can do it. Hypnosis with you changed the way I see myself. There are no words to describe how thankful I am!

- B.H.

I am pleased to report that after working with you I am enjoying more self control. I understand why things happen much better than I did before. I thank you of the assistance that you provided through your service. I feel I am a better communicator and a more emotionally balanced individual. Your help was just what I needed at a critical time.

- S.G.

I came to see Laney to learn self-hypnosis. She taught me the 7 Hypnosis® program and it has helped me a lot. I approach life with a much more positive attitude.

- E.D.

LKH has changed my life. Negative self-talk has disappeared. My thinking is clear, positive, and more hopeful. I was taking anti-depressants but I got off them shortly after completing hypnosis and haven’t had any sign of depression in months. I feel more confident and capable than I ever have. I got everything I wanted and needed for myself out of hypnotherapy with Laney. I just wish I had done it sooner.

- Q.M.

Laney helped me to let go of my fears and embrace my life with gusto.

- R.D.

I really liked LKH because it has helped me with my biggest and deepest emotional pains. I feel free from them now. Laney made me feel safe and secure and provided a kind, accepting, nonjudgmental ear and voice to help me through my difficulties. I had a lot of sadness, anger, insecurities and even hatred, and it has been replaced by strength and love. Hypnosis helped me more quickly than any other therapy I’ve received before. I wish I had Laney’s voice and wisdom living in my head all the time, but after these sessions, I now have my own wisdom to draw on. Thank you very much Laney!

- A.R.

Coming to LKH was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Laney helped me to understand why I am the way I am. We worked a lot on forgiveness which helped me move forward in my life. Laney is very kind and comfortable to be with. I feel my time and money was well spent.

- L.F.

I came into see Laney as a last resort. I didn’t really believe hypnosis would work. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t easy and I did work the program but finally I was able to let go of some very old programs that were not helpful in my grown up life. Now I feel great and positive about my life.

- N.M.

Well I have to say this was very different than I expected it to be, although the approach was more like my image of hypnosis, from media, than I expected. The part of my mind that needed a vacation, the fearful, doubting part was more consciously engaged and that allowed for some really high rate processing of old junk that was long overdue for the recycler. I feel like I have moved from an old apartment to a new place. I had to deal with throwing things out that I didn’t need anymore, in faith that I would still have all that I needed without dragging every damn thing with me into the next chapter of my life! I definitely feel that I have a stronger internal voice to shout, “Hey, cut that out”, when I get caught up in my own echo-chamber of self-defeating behaviors. My hopefulness feels strengthened and better informed. I feel….fine!

- T.M.

I am feeling more moments of inexplicable well-being. More compassion and letting go of anger…more understanding. Felt good to separate and bond again.

- K.G.

Thank you for the work you do to help uncover the self-talk that holds me back from being my best self. Thanks to you I feel free for the very first time in a long while from my fears and negative self image. I feel ready to step out into the world and experience myself and others from a place of love and hopefulness. Thank you.

- G.R.

With Laney’s help I was able to lose all the baby weight and it was fun!!

- M.B.

Laney has an ease and comfort to her, that always makes me feel “at home”, when I’m with her. Laney passion and dedication to offering tools for people to change their lives in the direction -they- want to go is consistent with her enthusiasm for life! Her hypnosis sessions are “wind in your sails

- G.F