Hypnotherapy Sessions

Loving Kindness Hypnosis is all about helping you to love yourself.  To treat yourself with love and kindness.  My goal is to fill my part of the world with loving, kind people who communicate from an open heart with kindness and respect for all.  Making the change from judgements to curiosity about themselves and others.

Phone conversation is required before scheduling your first session to ensure hypnosis is right for you. Call for a free 30 minute consultation.


Get help to reduce or totally remove your pain!


OldPain2Go® is a pain reduction and removal method that communicates with the part of the brain that sends pain signals. It is NOT bodywork but more of an energetic, talking technique where I will show you how you can make that mind/body connection and get rid of your old pain for good!

It works for most chronic/old pain, as long as you have been assessed and there is no underlying reason for the pain that requires medical attention.

Usually, only one session required for simple issues, more complex may need 2 sessions.

Sessions can be done in person or just as effectively over video messaging Zoom session because no physical touch is required.

Visit founder Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go® website to explore more!

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
The Dance of Anger
Fertility Program
Healthy Sleep
Increase Confidence
Manage Stress
Hypnosis for Relationships
Brain Working Recursive Technique

Have questions?

Most people do have questions. Your inquiries are valued and welcome! No question is too small.

Phone: (503) 289-3614
Email: laney@lovingkindnesshypnosis.com

My office is centrally located at 811 NW 20th Ave. Suite 102 on the first floor of a beautiful historic building in Northwest Portland.  It is wheelchair accessible through the side entrance.

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