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Loving Kindness Hypnosis is re-opening LKH Hypnosis Certification Program

I’ve just returned from Las Vegas, where I participated in a Train the Trainer program so I could be certified to teach numerous hypnosis strategies.

I am certified to teach 5 Path® and 7th Path Self Hypnosis® (since 2013) but I have found that teaching only one strategy limits my students.  I want them to have access to lots of strategies so they have full toolboxes in which to choose the right approaches/tools to employ for whatever the client presents.  When you have options you tend to feel more confident about your skills and abilities to meet whatever challenges you are presented with.  And you do!

When I graduated from college I had a double major, Psychology and Education.

I left school prepared to teach.  I had many examples in my textbooks that I could draw from when I needed back up.  Trouble was, the children hadn’t read the text and they did not present like the text described.  They had their own real life dramas that needed to be dealt with, with kindness, respect, firmness and consistency.  But the texts and the professors didn’t prepare me for that.  “Where was that textbook kid?  I know how to work with him/her!”

It was like the first time you get in the car after you pass your driving test.  “OMG”

I don’t know how to do this!!  There is so much to remember, how will I ever be able to do this.  But you do and it becomes second nature to you so much so that you wonder what you were worried about.  (Back in my day many of us learned on a stick shift, which just added to the array of behaviors that had to be mastered.  Then when we tried an automatic car we were thrilled to be so good at driving because it was so much easier than the stick shift.  And we now could drive almost any car or truck available to us.

Well I think of hypnosis training like that.  At first there is just so much to take in and learn about and try out.  (Our tendency is to just copy how the person teaching you, did it, until you get comfortable enough with the material to make it your own.)  Therefore if you only learn one strategy then that is all you practice and everyone that comes to you for help must fit into what you are practicing.  it is important to learn a plethora of strategies so you can choose what fits the goal(s) of your client instead.

I believe any good curriculum includes lots of time for practice.  Theory is great to know and learning the timing and the actions needed are important.  But, nothing beats actually doing it.  Actual practice aids you in becoming really good at what you are doing.  And practicing in front of someone who knows what it is supposed to look and sound like insures you are practicing the correct way of doing it.

So I am putting together a hypnosis course that would be about 150 hours total so you would have no trouble qualifying for membership in any Hypnosis organizations.

It will include a healthy amount of practicing with other hypnosis students as well as time to actually work with clients and get feedback.  There will be reading of at least 4 books, 2 of which will be short but mighty.  They will all be important, and easy to read books chocked full of learning you can put to use right away.

You will also be expected to choose an area of hypnosis that you are most interested in and go out there and get as much info as possible in that area, so you can teach it to the other students. You can do this through on-line learning, in person, or interviews, or etc.

The amount of face-to-face time will be enough to insure you have access to feedback and new learning.  You will also be expected to write your own scripts and you will learn how to use your client’s words to make up a script in real time.

Tentatively I am thinking about 40% didactic, in person learning, 20% on line, and 20% reading, and 20% practicum.

As I get clearer about actual times and days I will post the information on my website.

Please don’t hesitate to call me or email me if you are interested in learning more about the curriculum and the times, etc.

I am expecting to get this Hypnosis Program going by August/September

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