Hypnosis and Anger Management

Anger Management Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help you manage and control your anger and improve your relationships.

You choose.  Is it possible to eliminate feelings of anger from your life?  Do you want to?  Or, do you want to control, manage, those feelings?

If we agree on the premise that all feelings are good, it’s what you do with them or how you allow them to run your life that is the problem.  Then it is helpful to admit that sometimes getting angry is helpful.  It’s helpful when you use the energy and passion anger gives you to make a difference, do something positive for yourself and others.  Using the energy to do something that you might not have pursued without this shot of energy is a very positive move and allows you to not only make a positive difference but it also gives your anger a job to do, an outlet. which often lowers the charge and actually feels really good. Thereby allowing you to let it go and not carry it in your body.

But, if you determine that either, your anger is not justified as it is mostly about your own sense of fairness that others may not share then you must let it go and work on changing your perceptions of the situation.  You may need to forgive yourself or others.  Looking at a situation that you believe to not be fair from another point of view, i.e. how would Ghandi see it, or Jesus, or someone else you have a lot of respect for, might help you to let it go/forgive as you have changed your perception and can understand the situation from a different perspective, which often leads to an elimination/lessening of the emotion.

If you are stuck with the anger as you haven’t yet learned about the triggers you have that set it off and you haven’t used anger management hypnosis to better understand the limiting beliefs that you have that increase the anger, then make a deal with yourself, that while you are waiting to learn how to effectively deal with this emotion using hypnosis, you will make no sudden moves while angry.  You will notice the feeling and calm yourself and then when the anger has dissipated enough for you to step back from it, do that and think about what upset you and if there is any other way to judge it.  Notice if you feel put-down, left out, etc. and know this is your judgment and feeds into your “not good enough” stuff.

This is good news.  If you own it you can then easily do the easy work to lessen or even eliminate your triggers with hypnosis.

Then call me, the Anger Maven, to make an appointment to learn how to manage, use in positive ways, and eliminate triggers that quickly move you into this high intensity feeling.  I know how to do this and I am good at it.  I would like to share my strategies with you so you can be back in control.  No longer controlled by your emotions. Anger management hypnosis works.

What are you waiting for?  In just a few sessions you too, can learn to manage your anger issues.

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Laney Coulter, the Anger Maven and Board Certified Hypnotist

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