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Changed My Relationship with Food

New Year, new me, wipe the slate clean and begin anew but this time taking all that I have learned along with me. Leaving behind all that didn’t work and joyfully balancing my suitcase full of beliefs, passions, understanding, habits and aches, pains, poorer hearing, and intense love/hate feelings about self. This is it. This […]

Change Your Relationship with Food

change your relationship with food

For many of us food is plentiful. Every few hours there is, a huge collective of people who turn their attention to the pursuit of consuming food. Each of us decides how much is enough and it is totally socially acceptable to eat, regardless of whether or not we are hungry. The clock is our […]

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

hypnosis for weight loss

We all know that to achieve our optimum weight and to maintain this weight it is essential to eat less and exercise more. This is a very simple concept but it is, for many, very difficult to put into practice. Why is that? I believe the answer lies in the subconscious aspects of the mind. […]

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