Does Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Work?

Ever wonder if hypnotherapy for weight loss works? I know that I did so I wanted to share part of my journey…

Spring is in the air. As soon as I see the sun and feel it on my head and face I immediately start to think about how I’m going to look in a bathing suit this summer. I know it is very perverse. Nice warm weather and I get kicked into reality.

It’s bad enough to be so. …well…white. Most of my body has been covered for months. No sun, my body is like a newborn, all wrinkles and pale skin. It is now that I wish I had been getting ready for, back in the fall.

Are You Ready For Summer?

I mean really, I knew as you did, that summer was coming. Did I do anything to make sure my body was ready to be seen? I did a little, but not nearly enough.  What can I do at this point to make this summer different than the others? Well for one, I can lose the extra pounds that kept me so warm this winter. How can I do this without it being a huge challenge? If it looks too big and hard I won’t do it. I wish I could take back that last sentence but it’s the truth. I would like to be someone who doesn’t have to pay attention to what I put in my mouth and what I do with my body. But…I am not that person. I do need to be pro-active and enjoy it. For me that is the secret sauce…I must enjoy what I am dong if I am going to keep it up. There needs to be some payoff and it needs to come pretty quickly to reinforce that I am on the right track.

My body likes it best when I have some stores of fat protecting my organs. It’s time for my brain and my body to have a heart to heart. It was way easier to get away with a few extra pounds when I was younger. Actually it was also way
easier to lose those extra pounds too!

Hypnotherapy for weight loss worked for me…

What has worked for me is hypnotherapy for weight loss. (I don’t like using the word “loss”, I don’t want to find them and it isn’t a loss to me. To me losing weight is a total high!)

I have been playing around with some of the most successful and intense hypnosis sessions for my weight loss clients. They have been very successful.

Now when I say successful I don’t mean just because they lost weight that is the part we all have done many times in our lives. I am talking about success in that they have learned a new way of thinking about food so that losing weight is not something you have to keep doing every year or so.

I lost 30 lbs two winters ago and it was easy with hypnosis. I really enjoyed it. But it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t ready to lose more. I took a hiatus and now I’m back.

I spent a lot of time researching how to offer the best, most fun sessions for my weight loss clients and I believe I have found it. I love doing this work with clients. It is fun to motivate people and see their smiles go really wide as they take back control and feel wonderful doing it.
Give me a call, Let me help you succeed today and become the size and shape you always wanted to be. You can do it! And I can help!

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss really ROCKS!

If you’re ready to have a breakthrough with your weight – call me or email me today.

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