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What You Believe You Make Happen

I watch television in the evenings.  It is way better than a sleeping pill and it makes me laugh.  My problem is the shows are so formulaic that I find myself focusing in on specific people and how they talk and behave with each other rather than the stories.  The stories are dumb and don’t hold my interest but some of the characters are quite captivating to me.

I love how everyone knows just what to say and how to say it and when.  That’s a big one. Timing is everything and I am in awe of how some of these characters are able to keep things in and wait for the right moment to share.  Hell, when I feel a strong emotion the last thing I do is KEEP IT TO MYSELF UNTIL THE RIGHT MOMENT OCCURS FOR ME TO SPILL IT. Quite frankly, I sometimes don’t even wait until we’re alone to spill it.

For me, strong emotion doesn’t last so if I don’t spill it fast I will lose my desire to kill you and instead will swallow it and let it fester inside and eventually I calm down and I think I have let it go.  Unfortunately, sometimes, it’s hidden and hasn’t gone away. I am armed and ready in case you do anything remotely similar. If you do I am ready to blow you away.

So you can see how important it is for me to go away and really deal with it, which often means getting calm enough to see the situation from another point of view so I can better understand my reaction and then dissipate the angry feelings into the air, out of my body, so when the anger lessens I haven’t swallowed it, tamped it down, or even justified it, instead I have actually dealt with it and moved on.  

But on TV the characters I watch most closely don’t have this problem.  They have the uncanny ability to stay calm in most situations and they know just what to say and what not to say.  They are so mature, grown up, and responsible type people. You know how the saying goes that you have to grow old but you don’t have to grow up/mature, as that is optional?  Well the characters I like on TV have grown up/matured.

Right now I feel that I am watching mature people handle themselves really well.  Much better than I would, given the situations most of these characters find themselves in.  

Where are their triggers!  How much counseling, hypnosis, mindfulness trainings did these characters have to engage in to have become so woke?

Who wrote these lines?  Are the people who write dialogue, more self-actualized than the rest of us?  Or, are they able to control all areas of life so these characters only have to pay attention to one thing at a time.

Ah the luxury of only having one thing to deal with at a time with space between issues.  Not like the rest of us who walk through life unsure where the next challenge will come from.  For some of us that is what keeps us vigilant and for others, who have a strong belief in themselves, they walk through life with their heads held high and smile on their faces, secure in the knowledge that they can handle, (in a healthy way), whatever life throws at them and they are generally right.  

What you believe you make happen.  Armed with good working strategies and a strong belief in yourself you are invincible.  Much stronger and happier than any TV character! Because what you are doing is real!! You are real!

Since you have a choice, choose to be the best version of yourself you can be.  Do the work, think deeply, love yourself and others, keep you heart open and expect the best.  Know that you have a power within you to heal yourself. If you need help, most of us do, be brave and ask for it.  Together we can make a difference.

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