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If you have been struggling with Anger then this may be the most important message you read today:

If you are one of those people who believes being right is most important then this program is not for you.

Anger is one of the most fundamental of human responses and has its roots in the survival mechanism of our earliest ancestors.  The response itself emanates from our earliest brain, the Amygdala, (also referred to as the lizard brain), and is triggered by the recognition of a stimulus.  So it can be said that anger is an expression of that stimulus, fear.

Anger was not a voluntary response but a primitive automatic aggressive reaction to a perceived threat and it still is.

Anger is a 650 million-year-old response pattern, the oldest emotional response in existence.  It is difficult to control and mange because the old lizard brain responds instantly to stimuli just as it always has done and begins to fire up the physical response while the information passes into the midbrain and then into the huge forebrain.

The problem is anger is linked to survival, it only truly subsides once the perceived threat has been dealt with or passed.  It usually takes some time before the anger impulse is fully discharged.  While it is there it tends to override or color just about every other experience.

This worked very well of our ancient ancestors but it doesn’t work so well for our civilized society.  Then anger was a necessary aspect of life and we used it as necessary.  Now it is no less powerful but discharging it is fraught with all sorts of possible repercussions.

The more an individual gets a desired result by the employment of anger and aggression, the more readily and more vigorously they will employ it.  Anger is a non-voluntary response that can be controlled or dissipated no matter what form it takes.

Dear Caring, Sensitive Person,
This program will help you build positive connections and communicate more effectively in your personal and professional life.  
Your customized program will include:
  • The Truth About Anger
  • 4 Steps to Eliminate Negative Self Talk
  • Rapid Self Hypnosis Strategies to Dissolve Anger
  • Resolve Conflict with Win-Win Solutions
  • Create Happiness in your Life
This is a 12 week program that meets every other week.  Each session is customized to meet your needs.  When you buy this program you will receive a “free gift” of an MP3 “Non Violent Communication” ($50 value)
Eliminate Destructive Anger 12 weeks – 6 Sessions
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