Become a Master Hypnotist and a National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Hypnotist

Have you ever wanted to become a Master Hypnotist? Did you know that being  a National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Hypnotist can:

Add some valuable skills to your practice if you are a Coach or a Massage Therapist.  

Just looking to be in the world in a different way by changing professions

Interested in becoming a Change Agent for Good

Become a Master Hypnotist and a National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Hypnotist

After 10 intensive days, which are challenging and fun you can learn the techniques that I use, which are only taught in these classes.  You will become a Master Hypnotist who has the skills and confidence needed to be successful.  You will practice, practice, practice, so that at the end of these trainings you are ready to see your first client.  You will have everything you need to make a difference in your part of the world.  Learning 5PATH(R) and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis(R) will change your life. You will join the ranks of the top 1% of the profession.  You will also have access to daily support from other 5PATHers around the world.  There is no better training.

This is a very rewarding career choice.  I have been told and I have witnessed people making very important life changes. Each person comes in with his or her desire to be free of something, a block, a bad feeling, limiting beliefs, etc., and in a short time they have completely transformed that issue, it is gone and in its’ place is love and kindness towards one self and others.  Now they have become  strong, confident people who believe in themselves.  This is the transformation that happens with hypnosis.  It truly is a honor to participate with these clients.  Every day my heart is touched and I feel great gratitude for the honor of being chosen to guide my clients to the deep self discovery of who they really are.

The next two trainings in September/October and November/December will be on 3 weekends and 1 extra Sunday.  Each training is 2 weekends apart.  The space will allow for both in-depth studying as well as helping you stay on schedule with your families and your jobs.

I love to teach these classes as I believe the more practicing hypnotherapists there are the healthier our interactions with each other will be and the healthier our planet will become.

(OK…maybe that is a little stretch but seriously, think about it….what if none of us was leading from our egos but rather from a sense of compassion and love for ourselves and each other….it could happen)

Call me and let’s chat about the training, 503-289-3614


Laney Coulter

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