Hypnotherapy Certification-Banyan Super Course

Train for a Career in Hypnosis with 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy and  7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

I am so excited to be bringing this fabulous training to the Portland Metro Area. This course is one of the most intensive, thorough and professional courses available today. When you complete this course you will have been taught to master the powerful hypnosis techniques you will need to be consistently successful in your practice. Your confidence level will soar because you will know in your heart you are well prepared to guide your clients to successful outcomes. You will have the tools to insure maximum benefit to your clients. Using the self-hypnosis system along with the 5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis means you will be providing your clients with a holistic approach that works.

You will learn to master deep hypnosis techniques along with optimum sequencing to insure positive results every time.

Here is my story and why I am so excited to be sharing this training:

In 2005 I graduated from a 10-month training program in Portland. I opened my practice part time. I was not very confident but I kept on. I dreamed I was successful with every client but I just didn’t have the know-how or the structure to ensure more success than what I was attaining. In 2010 I took the Banyan Training and my practice changed dramatically as did my outlook. I went from lots of nervousness and anxiety about what I was doing to a strong sense of confidence because I was confident that I not only knew what to do but I had a powerful systematic approach that meant my clients were experiencing success because of it. I was doing what I dreamt of doing. I was really helping people become their highest and best selves. I was using the most advanced techniques and was incorporating a self-hypnosis system that enhanced the hypnosis work. I felt and continue to feel; great about the work I do with my clients. My dreams have come true. My practice continues to thrive and allows me to live comfortably knowing I am able to do this by being a positive influence in the world.

Hypnosis does work and I have a lot of proof! When you become a certified hypnotist with the Banyan system you also become a part of the international network of hypnotists. We have a website that offers a strong support system so that any questions that come up are answered by the more experienced professionals from all over the world who had also taken the Banyan courses. Many of them went on to become trainers as well. They are a group of caring, compassionate people who are there for you regardless of the problem. It is their desire to help.

Now 4 years later and I am proud to say; I am joining that highly respected group of trainers, and I am bringing this amazing program to you in the Portland Metro Area. It is 10 intensive days with a weekend off in the middle. At the end of those 10 days you will have passed two tests and will have earned 100 hours, which qualifies you for membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as membership in the Oregon Hypnotherapists Association.

If you are interested in an exciting new career in Hypnosis this is the course for you.

For more information and any questions you may have call me at 503-289-3614

Let’s Do Great Things Together

Course Dates:

October 6, 2014-October 17, 2014

The sooner you register the more money you save!!

Laney Coulter

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