Why Choose Loving Kindness Hypnosis?


At LKH we offer you the BEST HYPNOSIS for WEIGHT LOSS, QUIT SMOKING, and REDUCING STRESS, and more, (all  custom programs), in Oregon.  We offer many more services that you can feel confident in, knowing we have your best interests at heart.  For example, we have a lot of experience with helping our clients achieve healthy sleep patterns, have healthy sexual relationships and healthy personal and professional relationships, and end addictions.   We offer you a deep, comfortable, compassionate experience that you can believe in.  We also work with children and teens.

We help people everyday do wonderful things that have lasting results.  Whatever baggage you are carrying around HYPNOSIS CAN HELP, and HYPNOSIS with LKH will do it with compassion, quickly  and successfully and we will have fun too!  CHANGE CAN BE FUN !  I believe in Humor!

The benefits of hypnosis are great.  You can make the changes in your life that you have always wanted to make.    You will finally be free of the negative self talk and limiting beliefs that have held you back until now.

Using the most advanced and highly successful strategies in the world, we will guide you to change your habits. We will guide you to neutralize those old negative feelings, to end the negative story that you are telling yourself. and  write a new story, a positive story that will change the way you feel and think about yourself. Once you have changed your feelings, your thoughts and behaviors will change and then your REALITY changes.  You will have lasting results, like changing your relationship with food, removing unwanted habits and you will feel good.   With hypnosis you remove the blocks to your success. You are now ready to live a successful life. The one you were meant to live. Hypnosis transforms your life. It is all about living the life you came into this world to live at your highest level.

This can be you. You can do this. What are you waiting for? Call 503-289-3614 We are waiting for your call.

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