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Meet Laney, Master Hypnotist

Laney Coulter is a Master Hypnotist, with multiple certifications including as a BWRT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner.  Her  background as a special education administrator, teacher and principal, combined with her passion for helping people, give her a unique perspective as a hypnotherapist.

She combines her experience and intuitive knowledge of human nature to help her clients achieve success through hypnosis.  She creates a comfortable and safe place, where she works with her clients to come up with the best solutions for their life.

I'm impressed by Laney's deep intuition and understanding. I had never tried hypnotism before and I'm glad I trusted my gut to go for it. She has a diverse range of experience to guide you through any problem. You'll come out refreshed from her calm, supportive environment.

-Cara C.

Laney not only helped me to quit smoking for good, she also helped me treat myself better in all regards. Cannot thank her enough for life-changing support.

-Shannon M.

I so enjoyed working with Laney.  I felt comfortable immediately.  I wanted to overcome unhealthy eating habits, but we worked on so much more.  This  led to the beginning of me achieving my goals, seeking enjoyable ways to exercise and becoming a happier person.  I loved each and every session and an most satisfied with Loving Kindness Hypnosis.

-Teri G.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

I offer a wide range of session styles to fit your unique needs, everything from smoking to sleep. Explore the drop down menu below for details on specific hypnosis session types.

Try Hypnosis for Free

I'm offering a free hypnosis audio download to help boost your immune system and stay calm and collected. Please listen to it daily as needed.  Make sure you are somewhere you can relax undisturbed for at least 10 minutes.  Because you will be listening
with your eyes closed it is important you are not driving or operating any equipment!
Please share with anyone you think will benefit from listening.  Live Long and Prosper!!

Benefits of Hypnosis


Immediate Results

Compared to other methods, clients often seen immediate and lasting results. Because hypnosis deals with the core issues, instead of masking them.


Drug Free

Instead of drugs and chemicals, hypnosis is an  effective technique that addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of your habit. It targets the core problem and gives you the tools to manage it for the rest of your life.


Break Long Lasting Habits

Hypnosis is usually the last technique that people try after many failures with other types of therapy.  Clients will often say; "I wish I had tried hypnosis first."


Removes Blocks to Success

Hypnosis helps with weight loss, smoking, sleep disorders,  phobias, pain, symptoms from PTSD and anxiety. Clients are able to use what they learn to benefit all areas of their life including relationships and work.

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Have questions?

Most people do have questions. Your inquiries are valued and welcome! No question is too small.

Phone: (503) 289-3614
Email: laney@lovingkindnesshypnosis.com

My office is centrally located at 811 NW 20th Ave. Suite 102 on the first floor of a beautiful historic building in Northwest Portland.  It is wheelchair accessible through the side entrance.

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