Opportunity to Get Healthy


Opportunity to Get Healthy 1

You might become aware now that you have an opportunity to get healthy.  While I am waiting to hear when it will be safe to go to work and the gym and the smoothie store, I’ve decided to think about myself the way I use to when I was a kid, stuck home without transportation.  I was careful about what I ate and what I choose to do with my time.  I organized my closet and my drawers and re-arranged my bedroom furniture about once a month.  (my bedroom was the only room I had complete design control over.)

I gave myself facials and read and wrote stories a lot.  I wasn’t much interested in TV back then.  Also, there weren’t any streaming services and we weren’t attached to any tech devices.  We had a phone that would ring in the house that we couldn’t take far from where it was plugged in to the wall.  It wasn’t mobile.  One day I got a princess phone…it was plugged into an outlet in my room.  That was so amazing to me, to have my own phone.  (not my own line, just a phone).

I thought of those hours at home as my me time.  I thought it was my time to make myself better.  You know smarter, prettier, more confident, and kinder.

I also spent many hours writing my first name next to whomever I had a crush on at the time’s last name.  Sometimes I would write out my whole name and his whole name and cross out the letters we had in common.  Then I would say the following to each letter left; love, hate, friendship, marriage.  I don’t remember the order I said them in.  The result would be ¾’s good!  So I always had a good chance of getting what I wanted, in my mind anyway.

Now as an adult with a phone that goes with me virtually everywhere and I have a few computers and pads and TV’s.

Anyway, I am finding it very difficult to do anything that doesn’t involve entertainment.  You know you just sit there and laugh or cry.  Maybe you eat, or drink or smoke or??  but all in front of our devices…who has time to take care of ourselves?  We are too busy doing nothing!!  With little or no energy needed.  Taking care of ourselves involves time and focus and positive thoughts.  How are you being kind to yourself?

I know a lot of you are scrambling to find something you can provide to people that has value and will help you financially.  I am looking forward to new ideas and products and services that your creative minds can think up.  It is much easier to do that when you are thinking about what you can offer that feels good and right to you and when you unplug from the devices.  Sometimes it’s a shock to listen to the quiet.  It’s easier to hear your thoughts when there aren’t any other voices vying for your attention.  Take the time to listen to the sounds of your house, the birds, the dogs barking and the children outside running and laughing.  You will be glad you did.  It will allow you to breathe…deeply breathe…and it feels really good.  It’s easy try it.  Do it now or later, simply unplug and go outside or sit quietly inside.  Feel your mood improve…feel how much you love and treasure yourself…feel the love and gratitude you have for your life and the people in it.

This is the perfect time to practice loving kindness toward yourself.  This is the time to believe in yourself and trust yourself.  Have fun, laugh, giggle, try new ideas and discard what doesn’t fit.  Why not play?  What do you have to lose?  (I’m thinking you’ll come up with something that will benefit you and others).

At some point this too will pass and we will be out of our houses once again.  When we do, will  you emerge better than when you went in, the same, or worse.  It’s really your call.  You can do what you have always been doing or you can try something new.  Something easy and fun and life changing.

I’m talking about hypnosis.  It has made such a huge difference in my life in a really good way.

Stay tuned…next week I will share how and why it made a difference.  (preview; I was really angry for a long time, now I’m not!). I know, I know, if you’re not pissed, you’re not paying attention but that isn’t what I am talking about.  If you get that then stay tuned.  Talk next week