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Are you new to hypnosis or are you feeling stuck and unsure of yourself as a hypnotherapist/hypnotist?

Have you just completed a program that you really enjoyed and learned a lot but are unsure where to go from here?

Have I got a deal for you! How about a low cost, interactive, educational program led by an expert in your field: A Mentor available to you on a consistent basis. Someone who can help you create a successful practice, hold you accountable and be there for you when you aren’t sure how to proceed; A program that will help you to have what you need to make a difference in other people’s lives, an Online Mastermind Mentorship!

A 12-month Hypnosis Mastermind Program. Included in the program are; twice monthly Educational Sessions with topics like:

  • Running a Business
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • How to Customize Scripts
  • Strategies that Match Clients

The monthly Video Sessions are 3 hours a month (1.5 hours each session) which includes time to ask questions and you can watch the program live or download the recordings and listen at your leisure.

Most online sessions and telephone calls will be scheduled on Mondays.
This Mentorship Program is a 12 month program. All prices are monthly and for 1 year. When you sign up for the program you are signing up for 12 months.

Additional Services:

  • 1 on 1 calls – 45 minutes/2 per month; to address specific challenges you’re facing.
  • 2 hours Goal Setting Session – to further customize the Mastermind Program. We will set your goals and create a plan to meet your goals with a monthly review of your progress towards your goal(s).
  • In person training /coaching for 20 hours, (5 Fridays)


Educational Sessions Program
Twice monthly for 12 months

$600/year or $50/month

1:1 calls-45 minutes each 
Twice monthly for 12 months

$600/year or $50/month with Educational Sessions

1:1 calls-45 minutes each
Twice monthly for 12 months as a stand alone

$1,200/year or $100/month

Goal Setting Session
with monthly Check in for 12 months


In person training/coaching

$1800/20 hours

Get Started:

  • Join me for in-depth learning (deep and wide), so you can feel confident about your services.
  • Join me in shaping your hypnosis practice so it reflects who you are as a hypnotist.
  • Your success is my success in this wonderfully rewarding career.

AND we will have fun!!
Contact me now! LET’S GET STARTED TODAY!


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