Loving Kindness Hypnosis Featured In Willamette Week

Is Hypnosis Magic or Medicine?

Lady Things gets hypnotized to see what happens.
By Lizzy Acker

Laney Coulter, the woman behind Loving Kindness Hypnosis, wanted to talk over the phone before our first session, to figure out what I wanted to be hypnotized about. Over the phone, I hedged: “Maybe I need to lose weight?” I said, trying to come up with a lady-related thing I should want to fix deep in my brain. “Sure,” she said. “That’s a tough one.”

I thought about how sick I was about writing about losing weight-type stuff, and how truly little I care about losing weight. I tried to figure out something that really was stressing me out, something that I thought other women might be experiencing. I flipped through my phone and opened Facebook and saw a picture of some acquaintance’s daughters doing a shell-based art project on a beach. Then I called her back. “Maybe we can do anxiety related to other people’s lives seeming so much better than yours on social media?”

“OK,” she said. “You didn’t really seem too into the weight-loss thing.”

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