Fertility Program

Loving Kindness Hypnosis for Fertility

We will connect to the positive energy of intention in every session.
Loving Kindness Hypnosis for Fertility can be a 3-month program or less depending on your needs.  We do a multi-week assessment and see you each week for up to 12 weeks to work with you through up to three ovulation cycles.

Each week the session is individualized to meet your specific needs, and to assist you to effectively eliminate any emotions or thought patterns that may be inhibiting conception.  You will develop the tools and techniques needed to support your ability to achieve a positive outlook and to successfully manage stress.  Each session will include a hypnotic trance, which will access the unconscious mind to encourage fertility and ready the mind as well as the body for pregnancy.  One of the goals is to lead you back to your goddess self.  You will learn to become one with your heart, and reconnect to your path, and to trust your intuition.  Together we will do the work to create the space you need to truly trust and surrender to your inner knowing.  For many women, who have been very successful in their careers, it is difficult; to slow down and spend time getting to know their gentle, spiritual, trusting side, to relax and listen to their bodies.  We will provide you with a client centered nurturing program, which will lead you to the best possible outcome.

Hypnosis for Fertility can be used alone or in conjunction with medical fertility treatments.

Hypnosis for Fertility is a holistic program.  Conception is only the first part of the challenge.  The hypnosis also helps to sustain the pregnancy, supporting you throughout the entire process.  IVF is costly and we want to help you get the best possible outcome; to not only get pregnant but also to stay pregnant.  Typically, we like to get three sessions in prior to retrieval, another between retrieval and transfer, and usually clients like to come in once a week during that waiting time (before the pregnancy test).  Our program is designed to support all aspects of your fertility process including your healthy pregnancy, especially that all-important first trimester.  We don’t want to leave you unbuttoned (emotionally, as can happen without follow-up), and our experience has shown that clients need and ask for ongoing support through the first trimester.  This reinforces low levels of subconscious stress and is the recipe for a healthy pregnancy.

We hypnotize you weekly for fertility and teach you self-hypnosis, and stress management techniques all designed to enhance your fertility.  Our program reinforces all medical fertility procedures as well as natural conception.  We know you’ll be very pleased and confident in what we do for you.

Week 1 

This is a double session (2 hours) in this session we will go through an intake interview.  We will ask you questions about your life and what has been occurring with your fertility journey.  This information is essential to the design of your unique, individualized program.  The second half of the session will be devoted to hypnosis, specifically designed to enhance fertility.  You will be given a CD/or an mp3, of this hypnotic session for you to listen to each day, which will continue to prepare your mind and body for conception.

Week 2

Using hypnosis, and other techniques, we will continue to work through any areas highlighted in the intake interview and also any issues that may have arisen during our time together.  You will continue to learn the techniques of self-hypnosis.  You will be given the second step practice CD/or mp3.

Week 3-12 

Using hypnosis and other techniques, we will continue to work through any areas that were highlighted in the intake interview as well as any issues, which are coming up in the weeks between sessions and or during your medical appointments.  Holding onto past issues, even on an unconscious level, could be inhibiting your ability to conceive and letting go of these issues and gaining a more positive outlook prepares you mentally for conception.  There is growing evidence to support the mind body connection.  If the mind is in the right place the body will follow.  In each of these sessions we will focus on many aspects of fertility. We will stop the negative self-talk, we will transform your fears and frustrations into positive self talk that will aid you in the relaxation necessary for a calm, peaceful, positive and viable pregnancy.

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