Do you suffer with chronic Pain?

If you suffer from chronic pain, and are searching for a solution that will help reduce and even eliminate the pain hypnosis using the OldPain2Go® protocol could be the solution you’re looking for.

As long as you have been diagnosed by a medical professional and they prescribed or suggested pain medication or management, then
OldPain2Go® is worth looking at.

Let me introduce you to the latest ideas in old pain message reduction or removal, rather than just managing it. As long as you really want your old pain to go, I could help you pass that intent to the part of you that controls those pain messages. Just by straight talking, I can ask that part of you if it is now safe for those old pain messages to no longer be sent out! Even if your body still feels some level of pain is necessary as a warning or preventative message, it could reassess and lower the volume of the pain message so that you could be more comfortable.

You don’t need to believe this will work, just have an open mind

Could it work for you?

I know this sounds too simple to be true, but it is based on sound logic, the latest in understanding of the mind/body connection and the fact that neural connections in the brain are the same for physical and emotional pain!

Pain is a way of the body getting you to take action, once the action has been taken the pain will be recalculated automatically. Pain is complex and doesn’t just relate to cell damage, it also takes into account your emotions, thoughts and beliefs as well as your circumstances. I work with you, not on you, and help you find the reason the pain has lingered on if it no longer serves a purpose and could have gone by now.

It is a non-medical intervention that simply involves a discussion between us and typically only takes one to two sessions to find out what result you may be able to achieve. That session length can vary in time, due to the complexities or simplicity of why the pain has remained, so only your OldPain2Go® Certified Practitioner can advise you of that.

OldPain2Go® DOES NOT involve: trance, medication, exercises, physical manipulation, or follow-on purchases. I will engage in a deep discussion with you and the part of you that controls pain messages. This process doesn’t numb the area, therefore, you will be able to notice new pain should you need it and it won’t be masked by the level of the old pain message.

Even if your problem is one you will have for life it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep the pain message for life.

Call 503-289-3614 make an appointment today.  Regain Control and Feel Better!

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