Become a Non-Smoker

Why is it so hard to stop doing something that you no longer want to do? It’s because it is a habit, a deeply ingrained habit that reinforces you in some way.Our brains are really interesting. We tend to smoke as a distraction from something. If we don’t look too closely and all we do is tell ourselves “Don’t Smoke” what our brain hears is “Smoke” Our brain doesn’t hear the “Don’t” We also tell ourselves we are addicted and we use that as an excuse. I challenge you on that one. I call it a HABIT because a habit is much easier to change than an addiction. So calling it an addiction is another way to keep you stuck in this, it’s an excuse rather than a way out.

Ok so let’s say in your teenage years you looked around and saw that all the cool kids were outside smoking and in fact the same was true in your twenties and thirties. The cool place to be was in the area with the smokers. That was the place to go to get to know people and hear the latest gossip. It felt good to be there smoking and it changed your mood to a more positive feel good mood. Trigger behavior, reward. Each time we do this we learn to repeat the process and it becomes a habit. So later, feeling stressed triggers our urge to smoke. Our brain process now is literally killing us with this habit as smoking is among the leading preventable causes of mortality in the world.

Instead of fighting our brains by trying to force ourselves to stop something without putting something positive in its place and without leaning to pay attention to this reward based process, we know from experience, doesn’t work as a way to stop smoking forever. Use a strategy that does work. Hypnosis.

Hypnosis works to retrain your brain to pay attention to this natural reward based process but now you are not fighting it but rather you are getting in touch with what you like and don’t like about smoking you are able to step back and really see that you are using this habit to distract from uncomfortable feelings. Once you get in touch with the feelings and are able to deal effectively with your emotions you no longer have the need to distract and in fact you realize you don’t really like smoking. It stinks and tastes bad and you smell awful. Once you are in touch with your feelings and know how to satisfy them you no longer engage in the old behavior. There is no need to anymore. You have effectively mastered the no-smoking habit, you have become a Non-Smoker and smoking is just something you use to do. Now you have kicked it out forever, easily.

Laney Coulter

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