Stop Smoking

Be a Non-Smoker for life.

Be a Non-Smoker for life.

That is what you will get when you choose Loving Kindness Hypnosis.  Smoking is an unconscious habit, you need to work with the unconscious mind to be a non-smoker for the rest of your life.  If you could change an unconscious bad habit with your conscious mind, then you would have already done that.  Because you smoke without even thinking about it you need to use your unconscious mind to stop this unconscious habit.  The quickest and easiest way to do that is with hypnosis.

We have come so far from those days when smoking was cool. You are no longer hanging out with the cool kids in the outside smoking area.  The cool people are non-smokers.  They are people who value themselves and do their best to treat themselves with loving kindness and respect.  They eat well and exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. They are Non-Smokers.   If this is what you want for yourself then LKH is the right place for you.

With LKH you will not replace one bad habit with another, rather you will become a Non-Smoker for the rest of your life while also learning strategies to calm down and deal effectively with uncomfortable feeling(s).    You  want to be the best you, you can be, behaving in a healthy manner, which means taking good care of yourself which leads to new behaviors, which result in a new reality; you as a Non-Smoker!  Now living the brilliant life you were meant to live.  You can do this!  Let’s Do Great Things Together!


In addition to everything else, Stop Smoking Sessions are 100% tax deductible. Ask your tax person for more details.

LKH’s Stop Smoking program is a 2 session program, ($350.00) with a money’s worth guarantee;  Most people stop smoking after the first session.  If after your two session you start smoking again at any time in the next year, you can come back to me and I will help you again for free.

I do this because if you are willing to pay $350.00 to stop smoking you really want to be a Non-Smoker so I guarantee that you will achieve your goal, at least for a year.

Also, these is another reason the cost is so high.  It has to be over the amount you consider “throw away” in most budgets.  If you have enough “buy in” with stopping smoking, any problems you encounter you will have addressed, and I want to make sure you get those problems fixed, instead of just throwing away the program and start smoking again.

I am interested in working with people who are serious about ending their relationship with cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipes, etc.  It is your strong desire to quit that will make you successful.

In order to determine if you are a good candidate answer the following questions:

 Is it you that wants to stop smoking?  (It is important that this is not something some-one else want you to do).
Is there anyone else at home who smokes?  (You will need an oasis from cigarettes for a few days).
Are cigarettes still your friend?
Is it your time to put them down?
If you have any doubts in your mind on any of the questions, get them cleared up before you commit to a session.  No doubts !!  Call me;

503-289-3614. Let’s Do It !

If you truly want to become a Non-Smoker you can be that. What are you waiting for? 

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