Hypnosis for Relationships

Hypnosis for Relationship Issues

Many people in relationships often find themselves responding to the other in a child like manner. They find they are easily triggered by their partners.

You and your partner many look like grownups but when triggered you regress to a child state of mind. You may find yourself feeling fear, which often turns into anger. Your first thoughts are about what the other person is doing and or saying that leads to your angry feelings.  

Your mind may go through all kinds of fearful scenarios, which often lead to increased angry reactions, judgments and conclusions. The event that caused this kind of reaction could be something like a partner not coming home at the time agreed upon or some other event that seems small to one partner but feels huge to the other.

These differing feelings often get in the way of open communication as neither partner understands what is going on and frequently doesn’t know how to help. One partner may even feel, they can’t do anything right or doesn’t understand the other’s reactions. Everyone then feels defensive and communication breaks down.

Hypnosis is very helpful in these situations as at LKH we set up  customized individual sessions for each partner so they may explore without judgement, their early experiences that may have led to their present day reactions.  In hypnosis the client will look at those experiences and understand from an adult perspective what was going on so that they can change the erroneous emotions that were set in motion at that time.  Once those feelings are changed to positive, loving feelings, your thoughts will change and then your behavior changes.  You will both learn open heart communication that will keep you in the present listening with an open heart and looking for a win-win answer.  You will now stay in the present with any issues that come up and will no longer be triggered, but instead will have healthy reactions and good communications that enhance your relationships.

It’s not hard, you can do it.  In fact, it’s easy and it’s quick.  Maybe 5 or 6 sessions and you are on the road, the high road to an ongoing successful relationship.

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