Anger Management Classes

Do you find yourself getting angry a lot? Are you having trouble controlling your anger? Hypnosis can help.

Using the power of your mind hypnosis will lead you to your true self,  which will enable you to see yourself as you know you really are,  a sensitive, loving person who wants to give and receive love.  You are someone with a big heart,  who feels passionate about things and now, (after hypnosis),  knows  how to express himself/herself with kindness and warmth and passionate that feels right and doesn’t scare anyone away.   When you speak from your heart,  and you are coming from a good space,  your communications are received and a dialogue takes place.  You have moved from being a scary,  out of control person to becoming someone who has learned to listen with an open heart and respond in a positive, healthy manner.

Hypnosis helps you to take back control. You will learn to think differently which will change your feelings and your behavior. When you change your behavior, your reality changes.  You will do this.  You will become an excellent communicator with out losing yourself and your passions in the change process.  Remember;  You already have everything you need inside of you, to do what you came into this life to do.  Hypnosis will help you remove the block that is getting in the way of your being the best you, you can be.

$299.00 for all 6 classes

THIS IS A DEAL! Don’t miss out! Hypnosis for Anger Management for only $299.00

There is limited space, as classes are kept small to accommodate individual issues.
To learn more about group hypnosis sessions or individual sessions Call Laney 503-289-3614

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